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Welcome to Mobiletuning Ltd.

Mobiletuning are specialists in car engine tuning, ECU remapping, engine management, ABS, air bags, key coding and immobilisers. Coverage includes Lincoln, Scunthorpe, Grimsby, Hull and Doncaster areas at your home or workplace.

Mobiletuning is a family run business and has been established for 20 years. Specialising in Performance Upgrades, we also offer Diagnostics in engine management, ABS, Airbags, Key Coding & Immobilisers as well as conventional Engine Tuning and Servicing. Dependant on the service you require, we cover: Lincolnshire, East and South Yorkshire, West Midlands and most of Nottinghamshire - 7 days a week.

Performance Re-mapping

The equipment we use for performance upgrades is the latest "Genius" remapping tool in conjunction with a laptop computer. This, coupled with tried and tested files, ensures you will get the best performance and fuel economy from your car without any damage to the engine.

For an indication of what we can do for you, select your car using the Potential-ometer in the corner of the screen. If you cannot find your car in the list, please contact us for information. 


For diagnostics, we use the latest sophisticated Crypton and Sykes Pickavant equipment which interrogates the car's engine-management system, reading the live data and displaying fault codes making diagnosis of problems more accurate and that much faster.

Tuning & Service

Engine tuning is performed using laptop-based equipment involving the "Pico" interface and Crypton 4-gas analyser. This system gives very accurate readings allowing fine adjustments to give optimum results.

For any further information, please contact us and we will be delighted to discuss your requirements with you.